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Alcohol: the basics.

There are a few basics to make sure that you keep well at a festival when drinking alcohol. Following our simple advice will help you to have a better time with fewer risks of bad side effects:

The best way to drink safely is to eat first; extra energy is important. The combination of walking a lot at the festival combined with drinking alcohol can lower your blood sugar making you feel faint and increasing the effects of the alcohol.   

Drinking at a Festival can often start early and goes on into the night. Avoid drinking too quickly as you won’t feel good. Try having a soft drink in between alcoholic drinks to dilute the alcohol in your body and to increase your fluid intake to avoid dehydration. If there is a chance that you might use drugs with your alcohol, check out our drugs page too.

Dehydration causes feelings of a hangover. Festival walking and being in the sun can also increase the loss of body fluids making dehydration worse. Always have a bottle to fill up with water during the day, and remember to have water in your tent. Drink plenty of water, take a break from drinking alcohol when you need one, and remember to eat. 

Look after yourself and each other and stay safe. Never get so drunk that you cannot take care of yourself if you were to get into a difficult situation. Never pressure or persuade anyone into drinking (more) if they do not want to. Do not to share or accept drinks from people who you do not know or trust; buying and pouring your own drinks helps to avoid the risk of drinks being spiked. If anyone starts acting inappropriately to you or your friends, don’t be afraid to tell security.

Help is available at the Welfare Tent providing a calm, safe space for anyone who needs to recover. If you or a friend becomes unwell enough to need medical help, speak to a member of staff or visit the Medical Tent.

Remember you can still have a good time without drinking alcohol or getting drunk. 


For more information and advice on alcohol:  

If you have been affected by alachol use and you would like information on detoxification support, you can get more help and guidance here:

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