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Pharmacy Team:

Festival Medical Services runs a mobile pharmacy as part of its medical centres. Operating a round the clock service in a temporary pharmacy for up to five days is a fantastic challenge. It is like nothing you will experience in any day job.


The pharmacies are registered as retail pharmacies but have a hospital-like element to them as they are adjacent to the hospital tent. For those working in retail pharmacy, working in a multi-disciplinary environment is a breath of fresh air, where your professional expertise is called upon by the other disciplines working alongside you. Any queries can be dealt with almost instantly as the person you might need to talk to is right there.

For those who work in hospital pharmacy, the face-to-face patient contact can be a challenge, where you have to respond to patient symptoms to recommend an over the counter product as well as revisiting different aspects of the law covering community pharmacy. You constantly have to think on your feet as you might not have a full inventory of medicines available to you and deliveries into the site are difficult.

We need everyone to have pharmacy related qualifications and experience primarily we need registered pharmacists as well as dispensing technicians with a minimum of NVQ2 in dispensing. We do also need a small number of people for setting up the pharmacy at the start of the festival as well as packing away at the end. 

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