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Physiotherapy Team:

The Physiotherapy team provides a frontline service at the larger Festivals, receiving patients  from the triage nurse at the medical tents much as in an A&E department and assessing and treating, advising or referring to other health professionals as required.

Treatment is usually for acute, or acute-on-chronic injuries and conditions and may include advice, ice therapy, manual techniques, taping and strapping to protect and support the damaged tissues and the provision of elbow crutches if necessary. The most common conditions treated by the team are ankle injuries.

Patients are mainly ticket holders but may also be any of the on-site workers such as security guards, performers etc
Physiotherapy has been a part of FMS since 1995. The team has a diversity of expertise and skills and works closely with the rest of the FMS health professionals, especially the Podiatrists, in the general medical tent.

Minimum requirements to join the physio team:

  • Membership of the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC)

  • Membership of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy (CSP)or equivalent required to be insured for this work and adequate professional indemnity insurance to provide for these activities

  • 3 years Musculoskeletal experience as a chartered physiotherapist

  • Yearly updated mandatory training: basic life support, infection control

  • Additional experience in Sport, A&E is advantageous

  • To comply with the HCPC standards and CSP code of professional conduct

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