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Prescription Medicines


The most obvious, yet still the most important piece of advice about your prescribed medication – whether you take it regularly or just might need it - is to bring it! 


Larger events will have a prescribing service and an on-site pharmacy, so if you do forget something important, don’t try to manage without it. Obviously the pharmacy won’t stock everything, but will do its best to get you fixed up as quickly as possible.


You are likely to be searched when you arrive at the event, so here are some tips to make things easier for you and gate security:

  • Ensure the medicine is in its original container and clearly labelled with the pharmacy sticker

  • Bring your repeat prescription counterfoil (from your doctor)

  • Bring just enough to last you while you are away

  • Don’t bring in non-essential tablets 

  • Don’t try to conceal medication or bring in somebody else’s


If your medicine needs to be stored in a fridge, the medical centre or the pharmacy can usually help.


Please be aware, FMS does not prescribe, dispense or store methadone under any circumstances.


Many festivals have a Prescribed Medicines Policy – look for this on the event website.

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