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What to Bring?

Packing for a festival can be a nightmare but these are the essentials not to forget!

  • Festival ticket and ID

  • Water bottle – ideally a reusable so you can refill

  • Camping equipment- it’s worth considering buying a tent that sleeps more people than you need so your bags will   also fit in it. A mat to sleep on will also make your stay more comfortable

  • A flag for your tent so you can easily find it

  • Appropriate changes of footwear, including wellies or boots for those muddy fields

  • Toilet roll, alcohol gel and wet wipes

  • Warm clothing for the evenings AND waterproof clothing for the wet days

  • Sun tan lotion, hat and sunnies

  • Any medication you require. Also consider antihistamines for allergies and hayfever and some painkillers  

  • Torch 

  • Duct tape

  • Some bags for rubbish and dirty clothes- don’t be the people who leave a mess

  • Contraception

  • Batteries for phones and cameras

  • A bag with zip closures so your belongings are safely secured

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