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The cover required at festivals varies from a couple of doctors along with a nurse and paramedic to a full medical centre service. We provide medical cover al many levels at some of the UK's most prestigious events, from a small county show to the largest and most popular event of its kind. The larger events are supported by radiology and ultrasound services and on-call advice by a variety of specialist colleagues.


Our primary mission is to avoid the local health service being overloaded when a large event is running, although the skills of doctors mean that some procedures can be performed on-site. Doctors are not expected to either work outside their competence nor expect to offer a hospital service, and many come back each year to enjoy a unique working environment.

We are seeking volunteers who would like to join our team and we are currently recruiting the following: 


  • ED Consultants

  • ED ST4 and above

  • Qualified GPs

We are happy to receive emails to ask if qualifications and specialities are appropriate or for an informal chat. For more information please contact our team leader: or you can apply on-line. 

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