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FMS has a team of established doctors who work in the challenging environment of a tent in a field with poor light and limited facilities in order to provide a voluntary service at public events where there otherwise would be none.

The skills required are those for frontline medicine and from General Practice though to emergency medicine. Others with general experience will be considered but sub-specialists really struggle to work in essentially a frontline environment seeing a diverse array of conditions.


In summary we need:

  • ED Consultants

  • ED ST4 and above

  • Qualified GPs

  • Psychiatrists ST5 and above

The cover required at festivals varies from a couple of doctors along with a nurse and paramedic to a full medical centre service. The larger events are supported by radiology and ultrasound services and on-call advice by a variety of specialists.


Our primary mission is to avoid the local health service being overloaded, although the skills of doctors mean that some procedures can be performed on-site. Doctors are not expected to either work outside their competence nor expect to offer a hospital service.

The Mental Health Team work alongside the physical health service with 2-3 qualified mental health nurses and a psychiatrist for each shift. A major part of the work is dealing with the complications of over exuberance but given the numbers attending festivals, there is also a need to deal with other unrelated mental health presentations.

We are happy to receive emails to ask if qualifications and specialities are appropriate. For more information please contact: or apply on-line. 

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