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Looking after your feet.

Top tips for staying on your feet this festival season.


Never wear brand new wellies and always make sure your wellies/shoes fit. Walking boots are ideal as they are usually breathable, waterproof and protective and can help prevent ankle sprains if you slip or fall. Blisters and damage to nails are usually caused by poorly fitting footwear. Two pairs of thin socks are better than one thick pair and can help prevent blisters.


Take more than one pair of shoes and socks and wipe your feet and between your toes every day - a biodegradable wet wipe may help.


If your feet get wet, dry them as soon as possible and put on clean, dry socks and shoes. Wet skin is very prone to damage and can lead to athletes foot, infection or trench foot. If the skin on your feet becomes very red, sore and cracked you may need some treatment.


If you get a blister try not to pop it, festivals are dirty places and you could get an infection if you open the blister and bugs get in. If the blister is very painful go to the medical tent for treatment. If you have an open blister, keep it clean and put a plaster on it and change the shoes which caused it. If it becomes sore and red again go to the medical tent to get it checked.


Never walk about barefoot at a festival in case you tread on something sharp or damage your feet. If you do get something in your foot wash your hands and remove it if possible, clean the wound and put some antiseptic and a plaster on it. if it is sore or you think there is still something in your foot, go to the medical tent for assistance.


If you get a problem with one of your toenails be careful not to get mud into it. If the nail is still firmly attached you can put a plaster on it to keep it from tearing, if it’s loose and there is bleeding or a wound go to the medical tent for treatment. 


Take a nail file, plasters, cotton wool pads, antiseptic spray and hand gel (sanitiser) as part of your first aid kit to treat any minor problems.

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