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Charities we support

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Charities we support


Festival Medical Services covers some of the top UK festivals and its highly-skilled medical staff who volunteer their time to help the charity raise funds in order to donate.


At the start of the new century we developed our ability to examine each project and charity to promote capacity building and effective use of appropriate resources. We have donated approximately £1m.  In addition we have teamed up with World Extreme Medicine (WEM) to provide Trauma Boxes and Individual First Aid Kits (IFAKS) to Ukraine. FMS has contributed £30,000 with £137,000 of external donations for the Ukraine project. Together with other doners more than £2m worth of supplies and medical equipment has been delivered to Ukraine to benefit civilian and combatant patients.

The following video showcases our history and explains some of our charity projects:

Please help reduce human suffering by using this Just Giving donations link:  

Here are some of the other charities that we have recently supported:

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