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Charities we support




Festival Medical Services covers some of the top UK festivals and its highly-skilled medical staff who volunteer their time to help the charity raise funds in order to donate.


Since forming the charity in 1989, we have donated over £1M to charity. 


Please help reduce human suffering by using the Donate button here:  

Here are some of the charities that we have recently supported. 


Lalibela Trust


Funding construction of rural health posts and hospital maternity unit.


African Initiatives


To increase the knowledge of HIV prevention; and provide testing and early access to care and treatment in two districts of the Kilimanjaro region of northern Tanzania.


To help complete year one and secure year two activities in addressing sexual and reproductive health issues within the Maasai community


Maternity Worldwide


Funding for items needed to support the continued delivery of maternal healthcare and women’s livelihood training in Malawi and Uganda from January to December 2018.


Tulsi Trust


Ongoing commitment to the Tribal Health Care Programme, Camps, Patient Referrals, and Hospital Clinic

Emergency Fund to ease plight as a result of heavy hail and rain storm in the region of Chattisgarh


Kambeng Trust


Village Clinic (salary costs), Community Health Outreach (bed nets, nursery school meals) and local management costs during April 2018 – March 2019


Sandy Gall Afghanistan Appeal


Purchase of prosthetics, K wire, and a surgical drill


We Hear You


Training costs and provision of online professional counselling services for those with cancer in the Somerset, Bath and North East Somerset and Wiltshire




Support the Blindness Eradication Project with its Programme Cost and Medical Instrument purchases.


St Peter’s Life-Line


Support the work with disabled children who are regarded as cursed and shameful, and hidden away from the community in Kenya


Health Improvement Programme Zanzibar


Provision of care for paediatric burns patients (part of a three-year support progamme agreed by FMS)


Stand Against Violence


Contribution to the running of several week-long courses in various locations across the South, as well as increasing teacher numbers to ensure more robust cover for delivery.


Friends of Mandritsara Trust


To purchase a new surgical suction unit, and a new diathermy machine in order to further develop the surgical care delivered to the people of northern Madagascar.




Charities we support

Charities we support

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